Running in Tiny Little Circles. Again.


My local community center has an indoor track.

With the brutal winter this year, I was there.

I was there a lot.

They host an annual winter 100 (and 200) mile challenge every winter.

Come in. Run (or walk). Post your total.

Well, I just finished the 200 mile challenge.

The track is 1/15 of a mile. That comes out to 3000 laps.

Three. Thousand. Laps.

There is a lovely mural on the walls around the track.

The mural is of a green parkland with people staying fit. Twenty-seven people to be exact. Twenty-seven people with seven dogs (one catching a frisbee). Two swans. A mother pushing a stroller. A gazebo (with a sign advertising the boys choir to perform this afternoon). A water tower with “Montitopia” printed on the side. Eleven flower planters. Two clocks. Only one person sitting on a park bench reading the Sunday paper.

3000 times.

I have run past each of these 3000 times each.

They are engrained on my brain and burned onto my retinas.

3000 times.

Fitting that the last run, the one that put me over 200 miles would likely be my last there. Spring is starting. The icy roads are drying up. The polar vortex has disappeared.

Yes, it is still cold, but very runnable.

And I can finally stop. I can stop running in tiny little circles…




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2 responses to “Running in Tiny Little Circles. Again.

  1. Oh that would drive me absolutely bonkers running round in circles inside. Bet you’re pleased you can venture outside 🙂

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  2. I would go crazy! But having a track nearby would be nice, I’d love to be able to train on a track.

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