Flashback Friday 3: Raymond Goes Shopping Pair For His First Pair of Running Shoes

“Why am I doing this?”

I was sitting in my car on February 15, 2012. I was parked across the street from “The Running Room”.

Someone at Weight Watchers challenged me to try a 5K.

“I hate running. Well, I think I do…I have never tried before. But it LOOKS like something I would hate.”

Car engine is still running.

“…and I have exercise induced asthma. I have no business running…”

I had done some research online. Lots of nonsense about running. One thing that kept coming up…go to a running store and get fitting for a good pair of shoes.

“How silly. I have a new pair from a few years ago that I got on sale. They were Nike, so they had to be good. They LOOK cool….except they just hurt a lot when I put them on. I can barely walk in them…”

“These things will cost more then $100! For running shoes! I hate running! I will run a mile and toss this in the closet to collect dust!”

Engine was still running.

After about 5 minutes, I decided that, since I was still there, part of me still wanted to go through with this. “Stupid is what stupid does…”


I finally turned the engine off, got out of the car, and walked into the store.

I had just come from work.

Suit. Shirt. Tie. Dress shoes. Dress socks.

Yep. Dork central.

Women with washboard abs and less the 5% body fat asked me what I was looking for. She was sipping a kale protein shake…


“What brand/style? Do you overpronate? What size? Flat foot? High arch? Weekly mileage?”

Deer in headlights.

She smiled. It’s the same smile women get when they see a helpless kitten stuck out in the rain…

“Take off your shoes. Let’s figure out your size. You can wear these sport socks. Your feet are flat. Can you run up and down the length of the store? Thank you. You overpronate”

I had landed on Mars. And I was getting punked. Yep, getting punked by a Martian. That’s it…

“Here are a bunch of shoes. You will need extra support due to your extreme pronation. These are the ones we have in your size that would most likely work.”

OK. Sure. Tried them all on. They all fit better then the one’s at home.

“You can try them out for up to 5K and return them if they aren’t the right fit for you. Do you need running socks?”

“Special socks…for running? Seriously???”

This went on and on, and it just stayed weird. Got a pair of Sauchany and a 3 pack of moisture wicking blister proof running socks. Almost $200.

I went back to the car and turned on the engine…and I just sat there.

Did that really happen?

Guess it did. I escaped from Mars. Probably on Martian TV right now. The ever popular cable show “Punking Humans”…

I guess I am committed now.

I just starting to scratch the surface of a new world. One that I didn’t know existed until today.



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One response to “Flashback Friday 3: Raymond Goes Shopping Pair For His First Pair of Running Shoes

  1. Funny… Now we do that to others, even though we are not salesmen.

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