How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

Found this pic in another blog. Stopped me dead in my tracks. Stopped me because there is some truth there. Truth that terrifies me.

Ironman training is a big commitment. Most of my free time and energy get’s poured into it. Time that comes from somewhere…usually family time.

For quite awhile, I have seen the work/family/training balance get skewed further and further. When I committed to racing an Ironman, it was with the full support of my wonderful wife. She has always been there, encouraged me to shoot for my goals and has been willing to sacrifice for them. I also knew that this would be a “one and done”. It would have to be. A relationship cannot survive this indefinitely. Hell, my sanity could not survive this indefinitely.

I need balance. For years, there was no fitness in my life. None at all. That isn’t balance. But I have now swung to the other extreme. I currently train about 11-13 hours per week. It will peak at over 20 hours/week. Then there is the travel…the weekends away from home.

Through it all, she has been nothing but supportive. She has not complained about my frequent absences for long runs or bike rides. She has dealt with the mountains of laundry and was agreeable to my road bike being set up in the middle of the living room. She has listened patiently to the ever narrowing topics of conversation, will always inquire about my workouts and is attentive to details that wouldn’t interest any sane human being.

I recognize every day how lucky I am to have someone so supportive by my side. I know I could not keep this up without her. I am not willing to accept the statement on the sign above. I would cut back on training or walk away from this dream with no regrets if I had to make the choice.

But I don’t. My dream is her dream. And she will have the biggest smile when I cross the finish line, and will be there to comfort me if I don’t. Either way, I will have had the experience of a lifetime. And then, I will have to make up for lost time.

Until then, I am so grateful for my strength, my anchor, my unyielding supporter and my number one fan.

I am a very, very lucky man. I think it every day, but I don’t say it enough.

Thank you darling.



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3 responses to “How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

  1. You are lucky indeed. You sure you’ll be able to quit after “just one”?

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  2. I really enjoy reading your blog! This was a great post, very well written and so heartfelt. It’s wonderful that your family is so supportive. Hope your training is going well this week!

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