Flashback Fridays 2: Weight Loss (Part 2)

Over 10 years had passed since I had regained all my weight. I had convinced myself that my metabolism had slowed and that weight loss was now “impossible”. Yes, I would lose 10 lbs from time to time, then gain it right back. I had other priorities, and didn’t really care about my health.

I have very few pictures from that time. They are hard to look at…


One night, in August 2011, I was driving home. My pants were uncomfortably tight. I had to undo the button and belt for the rest of the drive. These were my “fat pants”. I was wearing these almost every day since they were the only one’s that fit. They were a size 40 and I had refused to buy size 42. I sighed in resignation. I knew I had to do another “mini-diet”. Nothing radical. Nothing long term. I sure wasn’t going to go for a “lifestyle change”. But, ten pounds had to go. I swung by the grocery store and loaded the cart with fruits and vegetables, grabbed a few Lean Cuisines and diet friendly snacks. Then, when I got home, I tossed all the ice cream and Doritos. My wife saw this and asked “are we on a diet?” She politely omitted the “again”. She had seen this routine often enough. I would be good…for awhile. I would get to goal. Then I would relax the rules a little. Then a lot.

I never found that losing the first 5-10 lbs was all that hard. I just needed the willpower to stick with it. Then, it would get challenging. Then I would quit. I had no aspirations to do anything different. None at all…

Time went by. The 10 pounds came off. I was done. Except…a few pairs of pants were still a little snug. Any weight gain would make them too tight. I was on a roll. I could try for another 5 lbs.

I was at 15 lbs. Everything fit again. Time to quit. But, I would gain some back quickly. Another 5 lbs would be a good insurance plan. Why not…

20 pounds gone. Been a long time since I was this thin. A few co-workers had started to notice…and started to ask. Enough to motivate me to stick with it a little longer. Complements are nice…

25 lbs. “Your cholesterol has really come down. So has your blood pressure. Looks like you won’t need blood pressure medications after all. And we could try to take you off your cholesterol medicine. Go ahead and stop taking them…and we can recheck your cholesterol in 2 months”. Guess I need to behave a little longer…

30 lbs. “Sir, we can’t alter your suits down that far. The whole thing would need to be re-cut…including the shoulder pads. The alterations would be more then a new suit…” I was down a full suit size, almost two. If I am going to buy a whole new wardrobe, it better be permanent and it had better be a big enough jump to be worthwhile…

35 pounds. “You can permanently discontinue your cholesterol medications…”.

40 pounds…Hello new wardrobe.

45 pounds…”I honestly didn’t recognize you” Getting tired of hearing that (well, not really).

“Special day at Weight Watchers! Someone just earned their 50 pound weight loss award!!!” Polly (WW leader) always was a little “enthusiastic”…where does she find all that energy?

Why did it snowball? I honestly don’t know. It sure didn’t the previous dozen times.  I didn’t think it was possible. Maybe that was part of it. I couldn’t fail since I didn’t set a goal. Each milestone was a surprise, and came with new and positive reinforcement. Enough to push me just a little further.

I was back at Weight Watchers. I knew maintaining would be hard. I had lost the weight ten years ago, only to give it all back. I would never do it again. I knew I needed SOMETHING that Weight Watchers could provide. I just never knew what It would be….

“We are challenging all of our members to complete a 5K and earn this 5K charm…”. Nope, that ain’t it. That can’t be it. I hate exercising. I won’t be starting that now…






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  1. Incredible transformation. You look amazing. Good for you.

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