Bling Junkie

I admit it. I am a bling junkie. I run for bling and I choose events (partially) on who has the best bling.

This started at Weight Watcher, where I got a few awards for weight loss, and started to really appreciate those. They were earned. I worked hard for them. I could see it, touch it and help me remember my journey.

When I decided to run a 5K, I check to see if there were finishers medals. Found one with a cool “stained glass” look. It would actually fit together with medals from other events that year. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad that I decided to sign up…even though it was a 7K!

Nothing has ever felt quite as good as getting that first medal around my neck. The second was for a Half Marathon. That one was a cheap ugly medal and I was so let down when they gave it to me. I worked too hard for that. From that point on, I knew I was bling motivated. No, it wasn’t the only reason to pick a race. I exercised to stay fit and healthy. I exercised to keep the weight off. I signed up for events to keep me motivated to exercise. I would hang the medals in my exercise room to chronicle my journey and as a visual reminder to keep me motivated. The more bling…the motivated I was. The more motivated I was, the more bling I earned.

Forty medals in 18 months.

I think I have a problem….

100_0400 copy

100_0403 copy

100_0427 copy



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15 responses to “Bling Junkie

  1. LOL! I have to laugh thinking of doing 4 Ironman for the medals… that’s crazy. Yes I know that’s not what you wrote.
    Great job of staying healthy and keeping in shape!
    I personally don’t care about the medals, but then the shirts are another story.

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    • Funny! I really could care less about the shirts. They usually snag after one washing and are all piled up at the back of the closet. I usually pull them out for other events to get cool race photos….I’m addicted to those too… 🙂


  2. Really honest blog, I definately think that I am similar in looking for the bling aswell.

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    • Thanks! Basically this blog is a journal for me. Something I can look back on and recall this journey. I have always been open and am happy if others enjoy sharing the journey or are on similar journeys…


  3. these medal holders are so cool!!! where did you find them?


  4. shawnasob

    Love the Disney medals! I’m not quite medal motivated but I like to keep my running shoes. The worn soles remind me of how hard I’ve worked.

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  5. I can totally relate! We put our medals out the year we earn them, then they go on the tree at Christmas and are wrapped up and put away until the next year. Our tree ONLY has race medals on it! It’s pretty darn cool and fun to un-pack the old medals each Christmas. Now I think it’s time to add a 140.6 to your collection! 🙂 Aloha!

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  6. brettday

    Wow, you have some great looking medals. I remember getting my first one from the OKC 5k event. I ha lost 155lbs leading up to the race and overcame a massive injury, and it was so sweet! I hope you cherish your medals and memories as I do mine. All the best, and thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours.


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    • 155? Wow! That’s amazing! I do cherish the memories (and medals obviously). I mostly enjoy doing what I assumed was impossible 3 years ago. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Great stuff!


      • brettday

        It is amazing when we achieve our goals and push all obstacles aside. So I completely hear you about achieveing the impossible 🙂 Yes sir, I lost 155lbs in two years through diet and exercise, after A spinal fusion, one artificial disc placed in my back, and having a super rare nervous system disorder that is permanent and progressive (RSD – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

        All the best,

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      • Damn! RSD (or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-CRPS as it is currently known) is no joke. Accomplishing what you have is very impressive! Congratulations on your achievements!


      • brettday

        Wow, I’m surprised you’ve heard of rsd. Not many have. Yeah its known as crps and causalgia as well. It started in my right foot after the back surgery, and so far it has progressed half way up my right leg. I have a spinal cord stimulator implant that helps with the pain. Thanks so much for the kind words my friend, it means a lot.


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      • It’s not that rare. It’s just under diagnosed. Glad that the spinal stim is helpful. Staying active is very helpful, but hard to do. Heck, activities of daily living can be overwhelming and can spiral undo depression which then intensifies the pain. Endorphins are a great anti-depressant (and does a nice job on pain too). But, that is a lot easier said then done…


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