Training Week #2 (Base Training)

Although the plan calls for certain workouts on certain specific days, I will always be modifying these based on what days I have time to do a specific workout or get to the pool. The goal on most weeks will be to do at least the workouts indicated. All workouts are time based, not distance. All workouts in the base training are in low intensity (aerobic heart range)

I am doing more then the plan calls for since I have a spring marathon and century ride that I am co-training for.

Also, I am trying to add 1-2 mile run after each long bike, just to get my legs used to it again.

With the cold weather, all activities were indoor (pool, bike trainer, treadmill (shorter runs) and indoor track (longer runs)).

The Plan:
Tuesday- 1:00 swim, 0:30 run
Wednesday-0:30 bike/0:15 run (with transition)
Thursday-1:00 swim, 0:30 bike
Friday-0:45 run
Saturday-1:30 bike
Sunday-1:00 run

Plan Totals:
2 hour swim, 2.5 hour bike, 2.5 hour run
Total-7 hours/9 activities

What I did:
Monday-0:33 bike, 0:33 run (8.25 miles, 3.1 miles, fast transition)
Tuesday-1:00 swim, 0:32 run (1.5 miles, 3.1 miles)
Thursday-1:00 swim, 2:24 run (1.5 miles, 14 miles)
Friday-0:50 run (5.1 miles)
Saturday-2:09 bike, 0:21 run (30 miles, 2 miles, fast transition)
Sunday-1:15 bike, 0:20 run (18 miles, 2 miles, fast transition)

Weekly Totals:
2:00 swim, 3:57 Bike, 5:00 run (% change from week 1: 0%, +4.4%, +19.5%)
3 mile swim, 56.25 mile bike, 29.3 mile run (% change from week 1: 0%, 4.7%, 21.1%)
Total-10:57 hours/88.55 miles/11 activities

Grand Totals:
Swim-4 hours/6 miles
Bike-7:45 hours/110 miles
Run-9:11 hours/53.5 miles
Total-20:56/169.5 miles

28 weeks to go.


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