Flashback Fridays 1: Weight Loss (Part 1)

My journey to health and fitness started well before this blog and this final 30 week training program. Part of me is still shocked by my journey so far. I thought that this would be a good time and place to reflect upon that journey. By documenting it, I am basically showing “the blog that would have been” if I had been blogging all along. I will divide this up into weekly installments. It should wrap up the same week that I compete in Ironman Wisconsin, and will chronicle the journey to the start of this final 30 weeks.

I guess this all started in the early 90’s when I was in college. I rarely exercised (who had the time?) and ate a lot of junk. My weight went up…a lot. Once I was out in the “real world” I had more and more thoughts that I should do “something”. It took awhile, but I joined Weight Watchers in 1998. That was a sobering day. I had not stepped on the scale in years. I was 197 lbs at 5’6”. I would guessed 175 lbs. I should have been under 155 lbs. I needed to lose 42 pounds. I almost left right then and there, before the first meeting even started.

I hated that week. Ate a lot of celery. I was starving and miserable. I went back the next week and figured it would be my last. But I lost 5 pounds. Made it worthwhile. I lost 10 more the next 2 weeks (at hhh…the joys of being a young male with a good metabolism!)

The weight did come off pretty fast, but I worked hard at it. Within 6 months I was at goal..and had never been happier. But, I wasn’t fit. I wasn’t exercising. I knew I was only halfway there. So I took the next step. I went to a gym…for the very first time!

I felt like I landed on another planet! It was so intimidating! I worked with a trainer who clearly expected to never see me again. When I told her how much weight I had just lost, she reconsidered and gave me a chance. I worked hard, and got tone, but never did get much muscle. I met some old college friends. We would meet a few times a week and would work out and support each other. It was really great!

Then I moved from my native Canada to Minnesota. I was single, and moved somewhere where I was completely starting over. No friends, no WW group or workout buddies. New job, new home, new career. And the fitness got put on the back burner a little. Then completely.

My career thrived. So did my personal life. So did my waist. I met someone special and we got married. By the time I got back from my honeymoon, I could not fit into the tux I got married in. And, just like that, all my years of hard work went up in smoke.

Over the next few years, I made a few half-hearted attempts to go back to WW and to the gym. But I never truly committed to it. I would lose 10 pounds here and there when my “fat pants” got to tight, but would then slide right back downhill. Right to 197 lbs. Again.

I had failed. Completely and utterly failed.


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  1. Bob ross

    I enjoy reading your work, thanks for sharing with us


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