Running in tiny circles. Running while standing still.

“Polar Vortex”. Yeah, those are words runners LOVE to hear…

Living in Minnesota, I had to make the same hard decision all northern runners and triathletes have to make. When to pack it up and move the workouts indoors. I love to be outside to run and bike. Last year, I was committed to running outdoors for as long as possible. I paid the price. Roads are only partially cleared in my neighborhood. I am left with packed snow, some loose snow, often with ice underneath. The terrain can be treacherous. I was fortunate not to sustain a wipeout, but I got an overuse injury in my ankle (posterior tibial tendonosis) which I am finally recovering from.
This year, I was a chicken and retreated indoors early. I took it easy for a few weeks, but tried to get back an offseason routine. This includes a 10-13 mile long run every week. My options…the dreadmill and the indoor track. I can only handle the treadmill for about 5k before I get frustrated. The track is slightly better for longer runs, but still so dull and boring. 15 laps = 1 mile. I did a 20 miler there last month. The whole time, I was dreaming of getting back outdoors.
The gym I am going to has a fun 100 mile (and 200 mile) challenge between early January and late March. Run on the track or treadmill, and submit your milege. I should reach the 200 mile mark in the next 2-3 weeks. 200 mile X 15 laps. Three thousand tiny little circles. Three thousand tiny and boring little circles. I suppose it is a little better then not moving at all on the treadmill. I little bit…
Today, will got a brief thaw. Mid 40’s. Unfortunately, I worked late and could not get out for a run. Another blizzard coming on Thursday, and the polar vortex returns on Friday. But, it was the first little taste of spring. Today, I believed that I will soon be out in the sun and the fresh air again. Until then, I have several hundred tiny little circles to run…

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